There is a segment of the Android community that gets all worked up whenever the topic of unlocked bootloaders are brought up, and most recently, Motorola has been in the line of fire as users who wish to do as they like with their handsets realized that was not quite possible with select Motorola smartphones. While Motorola did promise to unlock the bootloaders of its smartphones and followed through with that promise, they did somehow manage to leave out a few from the list, hence causing those affected by this “memory lapse” on Motorola’s part to seethe. In fact, a forum thread over at XDA-Developers has already started what they called “Operation: Make Ourselves Heard” (aka #OPMOSH), which would be reaching out to all and every possible channel in order to be heard – ranging from filing FCC complaints to sending emails to Motorola Mobility’s leaders, as well as beginning an online petition in addition to venting and raging all about it on Twitter and Facebook.

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