OSIM is one brand name that is famous for its advanced massage chairs, but I have tried their out in showrooms over the years and realized that nothing beats a pair of seasoned human hands, especially when it comes to kneading the strategic parts of one’s back as well as calf muscles. After all, the machine is only smart to a certain extent, and since each and every one of us have different body sizes and physical proportions, there is no magical “one size fits all” formula. The OSIM uPixie is perfect if you are forever alone though, where this $170 thumb-sized USB massager relies on Electronic Muscle Stimulation that is capable of delivering a suite of specialized massage programmes straight from your computer.

Not only that, you can synchronize the massage to your computer’s music player in addition to massaging away stress, while toning up the different muscle groups using tapping, squeezing and kneading movements – perfect when you are working. With a quartet of programmes on the uPixie running, you can even write and develop your own routines – talk about customization to the max!

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