PlayStation Vita runs Sega Genesis gamesWhile the PlayStation launched with a bevy of games that should keep gamers entertained for months, it looks like those games aren’t the only ones they’ll be stuck with. A developer managed to get a Sega Genesis emulator running on the console – via the PlayStation Vita’s own PSP emulator (the Sega Genesis emulator was originally made for the PSP). Despite being an emulator running within an emulator, the demonstration video showed Sonic the Hedgehog running extremely well on the machine. The audio isn’t synced properly, but that should be fixed in due time.

Sony has the ability to close up this exploit via an update, so don’t expect it to last around for long. We’ll probably see more breakthroughs in the homebrew/developer community in the future when more folks from the rest of the world can get their hands on the PlayStation Vita. Check out the demonstration video below:

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