Ubuntu must have taken a look at their application menus and decided that something needs to be done about the situation – and hence, took that out, replacing it instead with a HUD control system. This HUD control will replace the aforementioned menus with a panel where one is able to write the command that you want carried out, and I am sure that voice control advocates would say (naturally, do you expect them to write?) that writing is far more inefficient compared to speaking out a command. Well, this “head-up display” (HUD) box in the Ubuntu operating system will take some getting used to at first, and at least it is nothing like Facebook’s Timeline feature which will be compulsory for everyone soon, as the developers of the Linux-based software will offer the HUD as an option at first, letting one “hide” their menu bars. Hopefully they will continue to provide such an option down the road.

According to the developers, the HUD makes using your computer faster compared to having to go through layers of a menu with your mouse, and indirectly, makes applications feel more powerful. Mark Shuttleworth, lead designer at Canonical, the firm behind Ubuntu said, “It’s smart, because it can do things like fuzzy matching and it can learn what you usually do so it can prioritise the things you use often. When you’ve been using it for a little while it seems like it’s reading your mind, in a good way.”

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