So digging up the basement isn’t really a fun task, but it shouldn’t take too long if you have the right equipment or if you’ve hired the right people for the job, but Joe from Canada decided to have a little fun and has since spent the past seven years, yes you’ve read that right, digging up his basement with the use of radio controlled (RC) scaled models of tractors and trucks!

Now we’re not just talking about him buying a bunch of scaled construction vehicles and placing them in a room and getting to work – no sir! In fact what he did was to start off by transporting the excavator on a RC truck to the basement, much like how a real life excavator would get transported to a construction site.

From there, the excavator would do all the digging and the dirt would be transported out of the basement via RC trucks, who would then dump the dirt onto a spiral ramp that takes it up to the ground. Heck, he even has a miniature rock crusher to top it all off!

All in all it’s a pretty cool and cute operation he has going on, so for more information or photos, head on over to the Scale 4×4 RC forums or watch the video below to check out Joe’s operation in action.

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