If you are an avid fan of motorsport, then surely you would know of the pinnacle – that is, Formula 1, or F1 for short. The thrills and spills of F1 racing has been well documented over the years, although there were tragedies in between as well due to deaths on the track. Well, if you had always thought that you had it in you to duke it out with the best drivers in the world, but could not do so because fate did not deal you the correct hand, then the Vesaro V-Core Black simulator might be just the thing you want to purchase for your living room. Of course, you will need deep pockets for this, as prices start from £999 and can max out at £16,578 for folks who want the ultimate recreation of the F1 experience at home.


Some of the common features include fabrication and coloring scheme, where the structures themselves are made from stainless steel, resulting in an extremely sturdy platform. There is also the Cobra Monaco Pro FIA bucket seat in the entry level model, boasting an adjustable height and distance travel seat, in addition to technical support for the G25 and G27 parts, as well as the Fanatec and Thrustmaster T500RS. Christmas comes early for the little kid in you.

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