VLC 2.0Users of the VLC video player should be pretty excited at this piece of news – a new version of the app is rolling out this week and it looks like it’s going to be a major update. The new version of VLC will finally bring the app up to version 2.0 and introduce a host of new features as well as a brand new user interface (which looks inspired by iTunes/WMP judging from the screenshots – hopefully this doesn’t mean it’s bloated/weighed down). VLC 2.0 will support multiple videos within RAR archives, enhanced video output modes, and Blu-ray media support. VLC 2.0 will also be ported over to Android, iOS, OS/2 and Windows 64 bit.

Expect VLC 2.0 to be released sometime this week, so keep checking the VLC website or your VLC player for a notification to update. However, the more adventurous people can download the Release Candidate versions that are available now. Let us know what you think about VLC 2.0.

[Official Changelog | RC Mac 32-bit | RC Mac 64-bit | RC PPC | RC Windows 32-bit]

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