Those of you who use Huawei smartphones would have noticed that it was not possible to download VLC on the Chinese giant’s smartphones. They were blacklisted by app developers due to their rather aggressive background task management. This led to VLC’s developers blacklisting Huawei’s smartphones but it’s now possible to download VLC on Huawei smartphones once again.

The aggressive background task management methods caused the app to become unstable and this led to a long line of negative reviews for the app which VLC essentially felt weren’t justified because it was the smartphones’ fault.

So the app’s developers decided to basically punish the entire user base by banning Huawei smartphones from downloading the VLC app. At least it dealt with the matter of negative reviews for the app since users couldn’t access the app on those devices in the first place.

It appears that things have returned to normal now as the block on Huawei devices has been lifted. Huawei smartphones users can indeed install VLC on their phones once again. Huawei did make amends recently by rolling back its aggressive background app management functionality as it’s now disabled by default. VLC is yet to publicly state that it has lifted the ban, though.

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