There is nothing better than having a nice, hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning (and another right after a heavy lunch which normally sends one into a coma-like state despite sitting in front of the desk and staring at the computer), but apart from the regular coffee machine that you use at home and at the office, is there another creative way to brew coffee that can capture the attention of others? Certainly, when you have a miniature coffee pot that is touted to be the smallest in the world, and yet is fully capable of brewing a perfect cuppa.

Too bad coffee guzzlers will have to be in possession of a huge amount of patience – since this coffee pot churns out only a tear drop-sized amount each time. Measuring a mere 2cm in height, this diminutive coffee pot comprises of five miniature parts — a heater, the pot itself, two filters and a gasket. It takes months of work to crank one of these out, and 54-year-old Italian goldsmith Pietro Marmo is the brain (and hands) behind it. 10 drops of water are all it can hold, so don’t boycott the Starbucks downstairs just yet.

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