Barely after a near confirmation (or rather, an extremely strong hint if you prefer) that Android 5.0 will be called Jelly Bean, here we are with what could possibly be the next big thing – Android 6.0. Obviously, Google will most probably continue along the line of desserts that they have released to date, and the people over at The Verge claim that a reliable inside source at Google will roll out Key Lime Pie – once Jelly Bean is well propogated, of course. The Verge is quite confident of Key Lime Pie being the real name, after all, this is the same source who divulged to them about the Jelly Bean moniker in 2011. Not only that, Google had always released a name of a dessert in alphabetical order, so Key Lime Pie does make some amount of sense. What do you think of the new name – do you jive with it?

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