Fourth Dimension DisplaysIf there’s anything that we’ve learnt from all the video game-based hacks out there – games just aren’t immersive enough right now and people are willing to resort to DIY contraptions to improve their gaming experiences. Well, one company known as Fourth Dimension Displays is determined to make such a change as well. The company has come up with a special headset featuring a high definition display in each lens, a modified PlayStation Move gun to act as a tracking controller, and a vest with two large drive electronics kits to process the input.

While it’s not a product that consumers can get their hands on yet, the demonstration of it in action is very impressive. The folks over at The Verge were given a chance to take it for a spin at this year’s GDC, and they seemed pretty pleased with the technology. Hopefully it gets picked up by console and peripheral makers that can create products and release it to the public. Check out the video demonstration below:

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