Panasonic GF3Panasonic UK recently spoke to the folks at TechRadar and gave them some insight on the company’s plans. It looks like there is a possibility of Panasonic creating smart cameras that run on the Android operating system in the future. However, Panasonic also voiced its concerns over using Android as a platform for the camera:

“It’s one option for the future, but we have to be mindful of the consumer and the warranty that we offer. If we open up the platform to third parties, then we lose control of the warranty that we could offer the customer, because you never know what you’re downloading.”

I guess that’s probably how carriers/manufacturers feel about their devices as well, hence the need to resort to locked bootloaders and custom skins. Polaroid recently introduced its own smart Android camera at CES earlier this year though we haven’t got any details on how well it’s been doing in the market. What are your thoughts about having an Android-powered camera?

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