It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it is a paper airplane! Yes sir, most of us have had experiences with paper airplanes in classrooms back when we were in schools, colleges or universities, but what happens when you take the dream of a starry eyed kid and turn it into reality – after upsizing it? You would end up with a paper airplane that measures 45 feet long, boasting a 24-foot wingspan while having the ability to fly – unlike the fake flying bird man. Launched across the Arizona desert yesterday outside of Tucson by the Pima Air & Space Museum, this plane was designed by aeronautical engineers after being inspired by 12-year-old Tucson resident Arturo Valdenegro’s paper airplane that flew the farthest against hundreds of other paper airplane models in a regional paper airplane distance contest. The entire paper airplane tipped the scales at a whopping 800 pounds, and managed to hit a top speed of 98 miles per hour while sailing at an altitude of 2,703 feet. Not bad, not bad at all.

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