The V.I.P fridge magnet from Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai gives its V.I.P customers a way to order pizza at just a push of a button. No calling or logging on to a website or even filling out an order form is necessary. Once the button is pushed, the pizza will come. When the V.I.P customers log in to their online account they can select a menu of their choice and every time the button is pressed, that same order will be generated. Of course if you wish to change your menu selection it would take a few seconds on your mobile phone as shown in the video above.

Of course, Red Tomato Pizza prepares for accidents in case the button is pressed unknowingly or accidentally, customers have the option of opting for text-based order confirmation. But in reality, accidentally pushing the button would be difficult as the magnet comes fitted with a little pizza box lid that needs to be opened before you can push the button. For the pizza delivery junkies out there, this button might be a godsend but while some people like variety, there is also a group that stick to their own favorites. Too bad this concept is still not on the shores of the U.S.

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