Those who have watched enough movies with underwater scenes would know that most of the time, the water is more or less clear with a high degree of visibility, and the actor/actress inside has decent enough swimming skills to reach the destination in double quick time, regardless of the temperature. Well, I am quite sure that if they had the Subwing on set, life would be a whole lot easier (in fiction as well as in real life), as this unique device will be able to function like a pair of water skis, although it works best underwater as the “rider” hangs on to it. The main draw of the Subwing would be the ability to have its movement controlled through the simple act of tilting the two wings in different directions in order to perform moves such as dives, sideway movements or spins. Watch the video and you will get my drift. The fiber glass models retail for $700, while carbon fiber Subwings are more pricey at $895 a pop (the glossy kind). If you prefer a matte version, that would be slightly more affordable at $850.

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