I am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to waiting for your ride at a bus shelter, sometimes, it can get quite boring – especially when the bus interval stands at an hour or so. You might want to carry a good book with you wherever you go, while those with a smartphone or tablet won’t mind playing games on it to kill time, but NRMA Insurance has figured out a slightly different manner to keep you occupied in Sydney, Australia, through the installation of a sound system that will play back tracks of your selection via QR codes.

The whole idea behind this campaign would be to reinforce the message that NRMA Insurance’s policy does cover additional features including leather seats, custom sound systems, and alloy wheels, making you far more comfortable in your vehicle compared to those who do not own a policy. If you happen to be at one of these bus shelters, you can ‘Like’ NRMA’s Facebook page in order to download an app which allows you to choose a song that can be played back at the shelter. Talk about offering more choices in advertising to consumers!

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