If you enjoy taking underwater photos particularly during your scuba diving sessions, instead of forking out the cash for an underwater capable camera, how about using your iPhone instead? No, the iPhone has not suddenly developed waterproof features, but you might be interested in checking out TAT7’s iPhone Scuba case, which we hope the name and the picture above might have clued you in on what to expect.

The case is presumably sealed against water leaking in, and it will feature three mechanical buttons placed strategically to operate the iPhone’s camera app while underwater. One button will act as a shutter, the other to switch between video/still image mode, and the last one is the for the home button. However given the design of the case, divers will have to activate the camera before diving underwater as there does not appear to be any way users can launch the camera app nor slide to unlock their iOS device while in its case. Safe to say, auto lock timers should probably be disabled prior to diving.

The iPhone Scuba Case will retail for $85 and will come with a lanyard that users can slide over their wrist to prevent their iPhone from sinking into the depths of the ocean. Head on down to TAT7’s website for the details.

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