Wireless charging is considered by some to be old hat now, and it makes perfect sense. We are still very much living in a wired charging system, but advances are being made where wireless charging is concerned. The WiTricity is a system that allows you to juice up your smartphones, tablets and other compatible consumer electronics devices as long as they remain within an 8-foot radius. It is speculated that the WiTricity system might eventually see action this year as well. Just how does the WiTricity system function?

For starters, anyone who has used electric toothbrushes would be able to identify with WiTricity, although ‘repeater pads’ are used to send power throughout the home or office, ensuring that you no longer need to work with wired chargers any more. This would definitely be a boon while traveling, as it might end up with a less messy packing experience, although I do wonder whether there are any long term health side effects with wireless charging as there is not enough time to study such effects.

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