Utilizing wind turbines is one of the alternative ways that we can generate energy while remaining “green”, and it looks like Altaeros Energies will be taking that to the next level – literally. The wind energy company formed out of MIT has been taking one of their prototype wind turbines, the Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT) out for testing in Maine in the form of a 10-meter wide, helium-based inflatable turbine.

According Altaeros, the reason behind using an inflatable turbine is so that it can be sent higher up into the skies where stronger wind can be found, supposedly being able to generate twice as much power as its ground counterpart, not to mention that it is quick to install or taken down. The goal here is to provide an alternative to diesel generators and according to one its inventor, Ben Glass, the AWT is capable of reach altitudes where the wind is five times stronger and more consistent.

Altaeros Energies is currently looking for partners to help them commercialize the AWT, so don’t expect to see AWT’s floating about in our skies just yet. So, what do you guys think?

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