You’ve probably read our previous post a few days ago about Greenpeace’s claim that Apple is using “dirty” 19th century coal energy to power its plant that hosts iCloud (like most people in the USA, as 50% of electricity comes from coal) . While Apple did acknowledged the report, the company released a statement saying that it does have a plan to transform its data center into one of the greenest data centers in the world, if not in the U.S. alongside a new facility that will be built next year.

But just a few days after the issue came up, we just learned that a construction on a 10,000 sq. ft. modular facility in Prineville, Oregon has just begun. According to Apple, the green data center in Prineville will be running on 100 percent renewable energy, although we don’t know what the actual “mix” of energy will be.

Apple is already taking its own initiative by building a green data center in Maiden, North Carolina which will harness 60 percent of its power from solar energy as well. With the growing concern brought about by climate change and the continuous depletion of natural resources, Apple is facing a new challenge, not against Google or Microsoft, but with apolitical organizations backed up by customers who care about these issues.

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