A little over a week ago, we wrote about the GPS dongle that was meant to improve the Transformer Prime’s GPS reception. As you know, Asus received a lot of complaints about the slate’s all-metal design, which is believed to be the culprit of the poor reception. Hence, ASUS made a promise that it will be sending out dongles, a.k.a. the TF201 GPS Extension Kit, to solve the problem.

We are thrilled to report that Asus has indeed launched the said dongles with some of them already arriving at Prime owners’ homes as of this writing. Honestly, the dongles may not be the perfect solution. After all, it is meant to minimize a problem with its signal reception.

Asus should have spotted the issue earlier in the first place before launching the device. But some lessons are learned the hard way. Thankfully, the new Transformer Pad 300 is better. So, if you happen to own a Transformer Prime and haven’t ordered a dongle yet, you can visit Asus’s support site to register your tablet – for free of course.

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