After a short teaser trailer released by EA and Crytek four days ago, the company has now released the first two and a half minute long trailer which revolves around the gameplay for Crysis 3. In the trailer the complex story unfolds a little and provides a few details that fans of the game will be itching to see. The Prophet is in New York and it is encased in a gigantic Bio-Dome. Players are not only required to clear the remaining Ceph but they also have to defeat a rogue military unit under the control of the government called CryNet Enforcement and Local Logisitics or C.E.L.L.

The world within the game is beautiful and renders the juxtaposition between lush jungle greenery and industrial bionic combat seamlessly. As the folks over at GameBandits say, this trailer makes Call of Duty look like the original Doom. With the graphics being this detailed and gorgeous to say the least, some might be worried that the quality might be hard to achieve on the current generation of consoles.

According to reports there are signs that it will feature in two halves; with the first coming out now and the second coming out later for a next-gen gaming console but that is just a speculation that has been made and is nothing to go by as yet. The director of Creative Development at Crytek, Rasmus Højengaard has promised potential Crysis 3 players that the gaming experience would not change despite the difference in processing power that is needed. This indicates that the developer have still maintained their strong emphasis on actual gameplay as opposed to the game just being good looking.

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