Crysis-3-screen-4-Flooded-515x289Crysis 3 gamers if you’re looking for a multiplayer DLC, you might be in luck because thanks to new achievements being listed (via Xbox 360 Achievements), it seems that there is a good chance that Crytek is currently working on a multiplayer DLC, although a release date remains unknown. The achievements points at a 250G pack featuring four maps called Creek, Crossing, Ascent, and Coastline, along with two modes called Frenzy and Team Possession, with the latter being what hinted at the possibility of a multiplayer DLC. The mention of a flag also suggests that Team Possession could be some sort of capture the flag game mode which obviously is a multiplayer feature.

While EA has yet to make an official announcement regarding upcoming DLCs for the game, the folks at Crytek did mention in the past that they had big plans for additional content, and we guess a multiplayer DLC would definitely be one of them. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled, so Crysis 3 gamers if you’re interested, check back with us at a later date for the details.

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