Heads up gamers, if your choice of game is either in the FPS or RTS variety, Genius has outed a new mouse for you in the form of the Maurus. The new gaming mouse by Genius will be part of its GX Gaming Series of mice and will feature five programmable buttons that you can customize to your needs. The Scorpion UI will allow users to set up to 21 different macros that they can use in the heat of battle and thanks to its on-board memory, users will be able to bring their Maurus mouse with them wherever they go and not have to worry or bother about setting up the macros from scratch.


On top of that, the Maurus will also feature four different speeds that users can choose and gives them the ability to adjust its dpi to either 450/900/1800/3500 directly from the mouse itself. The mouse will also come with 20g of built-in weight for those who might prefer a bit more heft from their mouse. Aesthetically the Maurus will also come with built-in lights that will illuminate the scroll wheel and logo. It is expected to be made available in US and Canada this May for $49.99. [Product page]

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