Google’s Project Glass might still be in the prototype stage, but that does not mean that the idea has already caught on among Google’s rivals in this potential niche market. Word on the street has it that rival companies already have something similar in the pipeline, at least according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. White has been flying all over China and Taiwan to meet up with supply chain companies, where he claimed that there has been an overall optimistic tone as the companies he met up with were preparing for a seasonal ramp-up in production, which is definitely far different in tone compared to similar meetings held late last year.

White mentioned, “Our meetings today indicate that Google glasses (a.k.a., Project Glass) already has competitors working on similar initiatives to improve consumer’s mobility around Internet access. We expect to be hear more about projects such as this and others in the coming years. This could drive a new wave of innovation across the mobility space.” What do you think of White’s gaze into the crystal ball – is it just a whole lot of hot air, or does he actually have something worth

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