Remember the Intel Letexo (a.k.a Cove Point) that we reported on just yesterday? While we reported that manufacturers have yet to step forward and start working on the device, Intel has revealed that the hybrid ultrabook/tablet device is expected to retail around $1,000 should it ever get put into production. For those who missed the news or who might have forgotten, the Letexo/Cove Point is a hybrid device by Intel that attempts to merge the slim form factor of an ultrabook with the portability and touchscreen features of a tablet.

The result was a device that came with a display that could either lie flat on top of the device’s recessed keyboard and act as a tablet, or it could be slid to the back and pull double duty as an ultrabook. Intel has even gone as far as describing its potential use as an all-in-one system with touchscreen capabilities. Specifics are unknown at this point, but the Letexo/Cove Point is expected to be powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and will run on Windows 8. So, would you pay $1,000 for this device?

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