The iPhone can be said to be a real superphone, considering the amount of features and functions that it is capable of with the right app as well as accessory. Well, if you are the outdoor type of person who does not mind getting wet, then the Keystone ECO MarineCase might be the perfect iPhone case for you, as it is fully submersible and will make sure your iPhone remains bone dry at depths of up to 20 ft/6m underwater. This means you are now able to shoot video at an underwater reef, sharing it via Youtube or post it to Facebook even before you rise to the surface for a breather. It does beg the question though – is it possible to receive a phone signal when you are 20 feet underwater?

Regardless, a clear protective silicon cover that supports full iPhone screen and call functionality ensures your iPhone user experience does not remain gimped in any awy, allowing you to watch videos, answer email, text data and use apps even when it is extermely precarious for phones without the Keystone ECO MarineCase in a similar situation. The Keystone ECO MarineCase can be yours for $39.99 if you are interested. [Press Release]

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