If you are an avid cyclist who has a heart for the environment, preferring to get around on pedal power instead of four wheels, then surely there are some of us who live in places where there is rainfall from time to time. Any cyclist worth his or her salt would know that cycling through rain is no fun, and to do so with one umbrella in hand is even less fun. What happens if you want to keep your face free from the lashing rain, and yet keep both hands on the handlebars of the bicycle for added stability? This is where the Nubrella comes in handy.

The Nubrella seems to be an updated version of the one that we saw a few years ago, although I cannot confirm that just yet. This particular model looks the same, resembling a bubble that will rest on your head and shoulders, and you strap it on a shoulder support so that the canopy is extended around you head. Tipping the scales at slightly more than 1kg, it will come in black or a see-through style. No idea on just who wants the black version, assuming you cannot see out of it.

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