It looks like graffiti has been ported over to the 21st century, thanks to inventions like the Penveu. What we have here is something special from electronics company Interphase, where their Penveu handheld device is capable of transforming just about any flat surface into an interactive display, allowing offices and classrooms alike to continue using their current projector and large display setup without having to revamp the entire hardware configuration from scratch, which will obviously dent the bank account and then some. The Penveu will launch at DEMO Spring 2012 in Santa Clara, California later this week, so if you want to see how it works in greater detail, why not drop by?


The Penveu device was specially designed to be as sleek as possible, shaped after a teardrop. It will merge Embedded Computer Vision (which also sees action in satellite, cruise missile, and smart bomb navigation systems), inertial sensing, and sensor fusion technology in order to weave its magic. There is a quartet of buttons for navigational purposes, while a scroll bar and a toggle which switches the device between pen and mouse modes complete the hardware setup.

Expect the Penveu to be accurate up to 40 feet from a display, and to sweeten the deal, the Penveu is 66% more affordable compared to current interactive whiteboards. No idea on which is the benchmark that Interphase compared the Penveu with though to arrive at such figures.

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