We have seen the quadrotor in action before, and while most of us would have figured out that the quadrotor is nothing but a peace time toy, FPS Russia decided to take a standard issue quadrotor and make relevant modifications to it, allowing it to carry a sub-machine gun alongside a 100-round clip. Sounds scary, especially when the quadrotor is in the hands of a newbie, as one might just panic at handling the controls before the quadrotor ends up as a killing machine, mowing down unwitting passers-by in the process. In the video above, you would see the prototype quadrotor make short work of several dolls on the ground, although I must say that getting an accurate aim could prove difficult.

Some folks say that the video is a fake, since there are no spent bullet cases from the quadrotor as it fires away amidst other valid reasons. Well, some others have claimed that the video above is meant to be a commercial that will spark interest for the next Call of Duty. What do you think? It certainly seems to be too dangerous to be used in such a casual manner.

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