If I were to tell you that your particular actions in a video game would actually affect the real world for the better, what would your response be? Tilt World from XEOPlay is one such title, where you will control the game’s protagonist known as Flip, who incidentally is a determined tadpole who intends to combat climate change through the clever action of planting trees in the real world. How is this possible, the cross from a digital platform to our corporeal environment? For starters, Tilt World will harness the power of players (a move know as playsourcing) as well as forging a partnership with WeForest.org.


Each time Flip attempts to save Shady Glen (an area that needs reforestation), your in-game actions will be mirrored in a real world campaign which intends to see one million trees planted in Madagascar. You will need to tilt your iOS-powered device between portrait and landscape models in order to help Flip each up carbon, catch some seeds, as well as avoid Blight-covered stuff. Points in the game can be applied and “converted” to create tangible social good on the other side of the globe.

Tilt World is available on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPad, and iPod touch platforms, where you will need to hand over $0.99 for it at the Apple App Store. The next time someone chides you for wasting time and playing games, tell them that you are saving the world – one tree at a time. [Press Release]

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