I am not quite sure whether third party accessories manufacturers of tablets and smartphones will like the idea of Toray’s self-repairing film that is capable of ensuring minor scratches on your device’s surface will be able to “heal” back to its pristine self. After all, they do make a killing off the numerous cases sold, and if Toray had their way with the new self-cure coating, then such accessories manufacturers’ position would be placed in a potentially precarious position. Read on after the jump to find out more about how the self-cure coating functions.

The whole shebang involves a wet coating method which will see the inclusion of a special recovering layer to PET film. The layer that is purportedly self-repairing will feature elastic and cushioning properties, and Toray did run a demonstration where scratches caused by a metal brush repaired themselves eventually, ending up with the glossy surface that you see here. Lower temperatures would bode well for this self-healing ability, although room temperature works just fine, taking around 10 seconds or so to ensure minor scratches are gone for good. Any heavier damage would be too much for the healing factor to work though.

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