As most of you guys are probably aware by now, there have been plenty of reviews for the Nokia Lumia 900 popping up all over the place. Well the good news is that if you like what you’ve seen and read so far, it has been reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace has managed to reach 80,000 apps to date. This puts it at a reported growth of about 340 published apps per day according to All About Windows Phone. Once again, 80,000 published apps pales in comparison to what iOS and Android are currently sporting which numbers in the hundreds of thousands, but with a reported 70,000 apps back in March and 80,000 now in April, with a growth of that rate we expect the Windows Phone Marketplace to feature over a hundred thousand apps by the end of 2012. Of course not all of the apps are available for every Windows Phone user since they vary from region to region, but we guess slow and steady wins the race – at least that’s how the adage goes.

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