Android has gone a long way. It has finally broken the 50 percent market share barrier, that’s according to comScore’s quarterly report. The operating system has climbed 3.7 percent since December last year, with its quarter ending in March of this year. On the other hand, Apple has gained 1 percent  within the same time frame as that of Android.

Apple’s market share is currently covering 30.7 percent of the overall U.S. market. Research In Motion came in third with 3.7 percent and Microsoft’s Windows Phone landed at the fourth spot with just 0.8 percent. But judging from the trend these days, RIM and Microsoft could jump to the top with both companies planning to release new platform revisions this year.

RIM is already doing it with BlackBerry 10 and Microsoft is doing good so far with the Lumia 900 handset. But overall, Android’s growth continues to plague the rest. One thing is certain –  change will always be constant. So, will Android continue to climb the ladder in the next coming quarters? Or will RIM and Microsoft finally earn the rewards of their own hard work? That we will see soon.

Keep in mind that while interesting and widely used, the Comscore numbers aren’t completely accurate (detractors would say not accurate at all), because they are based on a statistical model, and not on actual complete measurements, so keep that in mind when reading about various interpretations of their data sampling.

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