If you are in the market for a set of ultrabooks with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors in them, you might be interested to learn that ASUS is bringing its updated range of Zenbook ultrabooks over to the US. No word on when these ultrabooks will be available, but they are expected to see a starting price as low as $799, although the only caveat is that the $799 will be a 13” model that is still running on the Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets. However if you were interested in Ivy Bridge, the 13” Ivy Bridge models will retail starting at $999.

So which models will ASUS be bringing in stateside? These models include the 11” UX21A, the 13” UX31A/UX32A and the UX32VD. For those wondering what the differences are, the difference between the UX31A and the UX32A is that the former packs an SSD while the latter will feature hybrid hard drives. On the other hand, the UX32VD is expected to be similar in specs to the UX31A with the main difference being that the former will feature an NVIDIA GT 620M GPU.

Save for that particular lone 13” model, the rest of the lineup is expected to feature Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processors and will feature display resolutions of up to 1920×1080, although models with a smaller 1366×768 displays are also available. ASUS has also made some changes by tweaking the touchpad and retooling the keyboard which will now offer backlit keys. The prices mentioned above are tentative and ASUS has warned that they could change upon release, so be sure to check back with us in the future for more updates.

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