After Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was officially revealed yesterday along with a trailer; a bit more information has come up about the game’s developer from an interview with Mark Lamia from Treyarch studio. He said that there are more than 250 people at the developer who are working on getting Black Ops 2 ready for people, but about 300 in its entirety with the additions of external contractors and test teams which are technically not in the employment of the company. He said that a big part of the game was Zombies and with the large amount of people who are working on the project, many of them have been asked to focus on the ‘undead’ side of things for what Lamia calls the “pretty big and ambitious” single player mode.

With regards as to how the different directions Treyarch and Infinity Ward pull the Call of Duty name, Lamia said that both the studios shared a few treasured core-values for the franchise, “I think the desire to make sure, particularly, that the multiplayer game runs at 60 frames per second and is fast-paced and precise. The cinematic nature of the game I think, is sort of signature for the series. For every game that we’ve made or Infinity Ward or some of the other developers have made, that’s an important aspect of it.” With game not even near to its release on November 13th, it can only be a good thing that fans that are anticipating it are able to get information about it even now, in May.

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