The wait for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s new Uprising map pack wasn’t that long considering Treyarch’s last map pack, Revolution, was released on January 29 on the Xbox 360 and then a few weeks later on the PlayStation 3 and PC. Treyarch announced Uprising would be launched on April 16 earlier this month, and if our calculations are correct, this means today is the day Xbox 360 players have been waiting for as Uprising is now officially available.

As we reported when Uprising was first announced, players can expect to play through four new multiplayer maps: Magma, which is set in a Japanese village surrounded with volcanic eruptions, Encore has you playing through the aftermath of a deserted London music festival, Vertigo takes you to a futuristic, Indian high-rise and last, but certainly not least, is Studio which is a remake of Black Ops’ Firing Range.

An additional zombies co-op campaign called Mob of the Dead will also be featured in Black Ops 2’s Uprising map pack, which if you caught its teaser trailer a few days ago, you’ll know it stars four mobsters who are trapped on Alcatraz Island along with a horde of zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players on PlayStation 3 and PC will need to sit tight and wait for Uprising to be released on their platforms, which should occur some time next month.

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