A 16 year old high school student had no idea that a video he made for extra credit in his 10th grade chemistry class would be what it is now. Eli Cirino, who in my personal opinion deserves at least an ‘A’ for chemistry made a music video for a song called “Good Chemistry” specifically for a chemistry class. The song explains how the relationship between males and females can be pictured with chemistry related terminology such as ions, covalent bonds and others. What makes this even better is that Cirino himself wrote, performed and filmed the whole thing.

The animation you can see from the video embedded above was created using construction paper and the video which was apparently popular got a massive boost in viewership after Cirino’s father submitted it on Reddit. Apparently, by Tuesday, it had already hit 250,000 views on YouTube. Let us know what you think about the ‘Good Chemistry’ video and just as a fun fact, the video is 3 minutes and 14 seconds long and whether he did it by accident or not, Cirino created a video that spanned the same time as the figure of pi (to two decimal places at least, 3.14) if you disregard the last one second of black space.

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