About a week ago, we reported that there were rumors that EA was set to launch a Battlefield 3 Premium service, and it looks like if you don’t mind paying a “premium” in order to gain some perks and advantages over the average player, it seems that the service is for real. While EA did come forward and acknowledge the existence of the service, they did not go into details and have suggested that players log on to Battlefield.com on the 4th of June for the details.

However thanks to a leaked document from Germany, it seems that some of its details have been outed ahead of its official debut. For starters, this premium service will set players back $50 and will be a one time fee. It will come with a variety of extra content including access to five of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs, two weeks early access to those packs along with “a host of unique in-game items not available anywhere else.”

Interestingly the leaked document has also revealed several perks which we’re sure will not sit well with the regular Battlefield 3 player who might not want to pay for the premium service. Assuming the document is accurate, premium subscribers will get access to powerful new features, the ability to reset their stats and queue priority into servers. Yikes! It does sound a bit too controversial so we suggest that you check back with us on the 4th of June for the official details! Until then we suggest taking this with a grain of salt.

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