We don’t really make it a habit of covering feature phones especially since for the most part they’re uninteresting, but when they come with a transparent color display, well that’s a whole different story! Granted transparent displays on phones isn’t exactly ground breaking technology, especially since they were first spotted on the Sony Xperia Pureness, which was soon followed by the Lenovo S800 with a transparent color display. However looking to up the competition with a reportedly brighter and vibrant color display is Explay’s Crystal. Priced at 7,000 ruble (~$219), the Explay Crystal does appear to be cheaper than Lenovo’s S800 which is retailing at $500. So apart from its fancy-ish transparent display, what else does the Explay Crystal have to offer? Dual-SIM functionality, a media player, a camera and Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP support. It is expected to go on sale in Russia starting 1st July although no word if we will be able to pick one up for ourselves stateside.


[Image credit – NoMobile.ru]

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