Have you ever had a go at the art of origami? Folding paper airplanes in the classroom does not count – so that would pretty much rule out the most of you. The Foldboat is definitely an achievement in engineering, where this £800 Foldboat can be folded up and of all things, be carried along with you in a backpack. Just what kind of insane material are they using, or is there a shrink gun about that escaped my notice? Surely the legendary Allspark remains as that, right? Well, the Foldboat is basically shrunk down to a backpack-friendly size after you are done folding the 8ft by 5ft piece of plastic correctly, ending up as a rowing boat that can seat a single person, taking only three minutes to unfold/fold and it can be assembled with just a trio of components. Capable of being folded over and over again up to 6,000 times, the Foldboat is available in two form factors – one which will fold into an easy-to-carry parcel, while the other ends up as flat as a piece of roadkill.

It will come with a pair of oars that were made using ash with plastic blades, in addition to waterproof (of course) floating cushions which you can cling onto should you suddenly find yourself in a wet situation after a capsizing incident.

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