Some of us collect comic books, others baseball cards, but YouTube user 16bitghost’s hobby? To collect game consoles as well as some of the more desirable video game titles of yore to the present. His stash of video game consoles total 54 in number (which looks set to grow in the years ahead, that is for sure), where two dozen of those are proudly paraded in a custom-built shelving system, and are connected to a 46-inch Sony Bravia TV for his gaming pleasure. Not only that, there is also a wall unit that is lined with mint-condition cartridges and hand-held games, as well as a customized cabinet complete with joysticks so that you can get up and running with an arcade setup in no time. This arcade cabinet hosts a PC MAME emulator, so I am not too sure about the legality of the ROMs stored in there. Shame that he did not collect every single color of the Nintendo DS Lite as well as Game Boy variants.


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