It was a month ago when the Galaxy Nexus popped out from the Google Play store, retailing for $399 without the hassle of getting locked into a two-year contract. Well, just a month after that, Google is now selling accessories for the device. Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners in the U.S. will now have the chance to wreathe the device with nifty accessories including the regular Desktop Dock, the HDMI Portrait Dock and the Vehicle Dock. But we’d like to point out that the three accessories will require the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus, so you might want to take that into consideration before buying. Head over to the Google Play store and get both the Desktop Dock and the Vehicle Dock for $54 each. You can also get the HDMI Dock that has a portrait orientation for $49. Enjoy!

Galaxy Nexus accessories are now available in the +Google Play store in the US. You can get a car dock for hands-free navigation, a media dock for streaming movies from your device to TV, and more. Check them out at

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