Playing video games at a men’s urinal is not exactly new, but Guitar Pee, a custom urinal game that was commissioned by Billboard Music Brasil and installed in their office, will basically let you play a guitar tune with your urine stream, where you will be able to churn out your own masterpiece by actually aiming for and hitting the different strings with varying pressure. Once you are done, all zipped up with clean hands, go ahead and download your very own M-Pee-3 (now is this not a creative way of naming something traditional?) to share with the rest of the world. Definitely not Top 10 iTunes material, but it does offer a sense of creativity and wonder amongst some of us.

I guess in order to churn out a really stunning tune, you might want to drink plenty of beer and holding in your pee until you feel that your bladder is about to burst, before letting it all out . The tune is going to be one angry riff before it peters out to something from the strings of Eric Clapton. What happens when you get a bunch of friends to take over when you run out of pee, in order to churn out a really interesting musical piece?

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