Sega’s urinal-mounted gaming device is now available on an official basis to the general public – for purchase, that is. If you happen to own a mansion with one of the outhouses featuring a urinal in order to cater for a boys’ night out session, then you might want to consider burning a huge, gaping hole in your bank account with the Sega Toylet urinal with prices starting from $1,748 (after conversion) onwards. And that alone is just for the hardware – games will cost you $125 apiece, at least this is what Engadget Japan reported. Apart from that, you have the option to throw away more cash by investing in an optional box which accepts 10-yen coins as payment, but the initial financial outlay for such a box would stand at approximately $312. It is going to take a whole lot of toilet sessions to recoup your investment for sure! Bars will definitely do well with the Toylet installed, considering the amount of drinking that goes on there…


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