Square Enix studio IO Interactive A/S has just announced a new trailer titled ‘Attack of the Saints’ which is a new Hitman: Absolution trailer. The purpose of this trailer is to promote Agent 47’s appearance that we will be able to witness more of during this year’s E3. In this new trailer we can see a run-down motel room where Agent 47 is treating his wounds. Meanwhile, his former employer the ICA send a deadly specialized Wetworks team after him dubbed “The Saints”.
hitman absolution

The ICA obviously wants him dead but it looks like they’ll have to work just a little harder to get it done. Under the direction of IO Interactive, the CGI specialists at Visual Works have come up with what is called a “stunning piece of digital art” which is this trailer and according to the folks behind the game itself, you can expect it to reflect what you will see in Hitman: Absolution when it launches globally on November 20. Let us know what you think about the trailer embedded above, with a comment.

Disclaimer: The trailer includes elements of violence and it contains blood, please do not watch it if you are under-aged (18 and below).

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