Is David Copperfield or Criss Angel at work here? Not really, although it does make one wonder just how beer can be poured out of an iPad. This particular app transforms your iPad into a virtually unlimited keg of beer – making it one of the more sought after items if it were to be digitized into the Diablo 3 world, I suppose. After all, adventurers definitely want to take a breather from time to time after clearing out dungeon after dungeon of evil demonic forces, and an ale or two will definitely go a long way in soothing the day’s injuries and hurts. Mnamed Simon Pierro was at Munich’s famous “Hofbraeuhaus”, busy convincing folks that such an app is real, where Pierro apparently filled up glasses with the golden brew that looked as though it came right out of the tablet. This is an illusion, make no bones about it, but it is still fun to watch. Logic dictates that you cannot pour beer from an actual iPad, and this time, let logic rule the head, but never the wonder of magic from your heart be snuffed out.


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