It is an assumption that most of us have had our share of battles with stubborn ketchup that just doesn’t want to come out of the bottle. As we wait for it to slowly make its way towards the bottle mouth, it sometimes feels like years have gone by until it finally graces the meal on which you use it on. On that front however, we now have some good news. A group of researchers from MIT have developed a product that handles that problem with ease. The invention that is called LiquiGlide is basically sprayed on the inside of product bottles and it subsequently allows liquids with the consistency of ketchup and mayo to simply slide out without leaving any residue behind.

According to Dave Smith, one of the creators of LiquiGlide, “The structured liquid has the rigid components of a solid but it is lubricated like a liquid.” His team of researchers along with the Varanasi Research Group used ingredients that were approved by the FDA to make sure that nothing would come in the way when the time for patenting the product arrived.  The funny thing here is that the team of researchers didn’t even think of using the technology with food products due to the fact that their initial interest was to create a similar coating to prevent icing or clogs that form in oil and gas lines. Reportedly, Smith is currently in talks with several bottle manufacturing companies to secure LiquiGlide’s place in ketchup innovation history. Embedded above is a short video that shows the difference between the ‘old’ way and the LiquiGlide way.

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