Technically, the device in question here was first developed in 2018 by the researchers at MIT. However, SciTechDaily spotted the new system published in a paper published on Oct 30, 2019, which reveals significant improvements in it.

The device can literally cool things down by almost 13-degree celsius even if you keep it right under the sunlight on a bright day using “radiative cooling”.

The concept behind it is quite simple and innovative. With the device, they tend to prevent the sunlight from entering but they let the infrared rays (heat) to pass outside.

For the first time, you will be wondering how they can achieve that but the secret is on the surface of the device. It uses Aerogel (a special insulating polyethylene foam) as a coating in the surface to reflect the sunlight.

It is lightweight and inexpensive as well. In addition to this, it is worth noting that no electricity is required to power up the device nor there are any moving parts in it.

This type of tech can prove to be useful in places where there’s no power (or with frequent power cuts). You can utilize it to keep the vegetables fresh and similar applications.

You can find a detailed breakdown of how it works and what it is on the report by SciTechDaily compiled from the research paper. What do you think about this device? Would it be helpful?

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