If you’ve ever been to London, or if you’re asked about one iconic thing about London, chances are images of London’s red phone booths pop to mind (amongst other famous attractions). While mobile phones are certainly the way to go about these days, it looks like London’s phone booths will be seeing an upgrade that will turn them from being mere tourist attractions to WiFi hotspots. This transformation is courtesy of Spectrum Interactive who have managed to convert about 1,800 phone booths into WiFi hotspots.

In order to access the hotspot, users will be required to provide their mobile phone numbers and download an e-coupon for a nearby store in exchange for free WiFi. Since Nokia pulled out of the venture, we have to wonder how Spectrum Interactive plans to make money from this initiative. Location based advertising, perhaps? Either way it’s a pretty good idea and with the London 2012 Olympics coming up, having WiFi hotspots spread throughout the city would prove to be a huge convenience for tourists and visitors.

[Image Credit – Elliot Brown]

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